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The Tribune Chandigarh

For a quick overview, Tribune India, founded in 1881, is a leading newspaper with a worldwide circulation. Published from Chandigarh, New Delhi, Jalandhar, Dehradun and Bhatinda, this newspaper has entered the digital world to offer a flawless news consumption experience to the audience. Powered by Sortd. the Tribune has managed to successfully implement a robust content consumption strategy for the users focusing on engagement and ROI.


Being a prominent name in the news industry, The Tribune needed an impressive online presence to expand their reach in the online world. Before reaching out to Sortd. the overall app experience offered wasn’t upto the mark. The poor user experience led to limited user engagement and couldn’t build a loyal user base. Here are the major challenges tackled by Sortd. to get a complete makeover:

Slow and difficult app experience
Lack of a professional and classy UI
No prospects of Monetization
No Coherence between Android and iOS App experience
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Our Contribution

To address and resolve the challenges, Sortd. came up with a fully responsive solution for Tribune India to improve their online presence. Tribune India wished to reach the new target audience with their digital presence and convert them into loyal ones. The new Tribune India app, powered by Sortd. is a vital digital asset, engaging the readers, driving more traffic and converting them into loyal ones by providing a customized experience. Expertise in developing smart apps for news channels, Sortd. has developed a fast loading, scalable and performance driven news app with the existing CMS setup. The easy navigation and intuitive UI allows the readers to seamlessly find out what they are looking for!

The Solution

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As a news streaming application, it is critical for Tribune India to provide a feature rich and optimal news streaming experience. Various facilities like easy search, trending content and reading experience makes news apps better than the traditional news papers. Leveraging the power of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Sortd. developed an app focusing on comfortable experience with longer sessions.

Take a look at what Tribune India offers in their news app:

Easy news search facility for user convenience
New issues get automatically refreshed when published
Pinch zoom-in & zoom-out feature for better viewability
Automatically pages saved to read offline
State of the art UI using material design guidelines for custom screens
Category based news updates with page by page navigation
High engagement with Push notifications and news alert
Various widgets like weather, scorecards, horoscope and Covid-19 updates
‘Good News’ category providing positive news updates
Dark/ Light mode with various font sizes for better content visibility

Result - Bringing it all together

The new Tribune India app is one of the fastest and finest online news providers in the country. With all 5 star ratings, the app has 45% more traction on the app along with increased user retention.

With quick Turnaround Time, Sortd. develops and submits the apps in 2 weeks that starts attracting users across various geolocations easily.

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