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Gurgaon, India
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Custom Themes

Your brand is unique. It needs differentiation from the competitors. Sortd. provides 100s of themes to choose from, which are tailor made to your brand.

Integrate custom themes, unique to your brand


The homescreen is your first impression, make it engaging. With various layouts like bottom tab and horizontal menu, you can display your content with eye-catching visuals and text creatively. Utilize the category sequence, customizable designs, color, fonts and more to provide a complete overview of the content at a single glance.


Managing menus made easier for a splendid user experience! Highly customizable font, size and color with various options for placement. You can either go top bar, left sliding, overlay or bottom menu according to your choice. Make the most of all the options easily through the publisher portal without the hassle of updating the app.


Let every user enjoy what they like to see! With Sortd. create all sorts of content including text, audio, video and more.Keep them updated with the latest trending news in the most engaging ways easily with Sortd. custom themes configuration for a variety of content.


User personalization is a priority. Users love to consume content that suits their reading pattern and Sortd. helps you build so with the best personalization tips. Based on the reading pattern, past searches, personal preferences and other activities, let your users be sorted for their favourite content needs with Sortd.


Increasing the number of users and streamlining their access to the applications is a necessity. With Sortd. SSO, allow your users to get free from the hassle of memorising passwords and get started effortlessly. With Sortd. custom themes, you can easily configure SSO for your site. Easy sign-in, easy access!


Multiple sources offer multiple horizons to a piece of content. Aggregate multiple sources for news updates to provide variety to your users for content consumption. Keep your users engaged and entertained by easily aggregating multiple news sources with Sortd. custom themes and get better viewership!

Unlimited Possibilities
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