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Gurgaon, India
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Redefine your mobile app strategy

Feeds Integration

Sortd. can be plugged-in with your existing CMS or can used as stand alone CMS.

A complete Sa-as based solution!

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A complete mobile solution

Sortd. doesn't replace your existing CMS. It works in parallel with your system such that there is no change in your already existing workflow.

If you don't have CMS, you can use Sortd. as your primary CMS too.

Feeds based integration
Integrate RSS feeds from your current CMS to push the data in apps
Roles based management
Get mutli-user account for managing various aspects of your apps
Multiple Content Type
Article, Photos, Videos, Audio, Horoscope, Tickers, iFrames, Polls & more
Independent Solution
Sortd. doesn't change your current CMS & workflow. It works in parallel to distribute your load
Can work as primary CMS too
Don't have a CMS? You can use Sortd. as your primary CMS for your desktop solution as well.
Unlimited Possibilities
Get the native presence of your brand on iOS & Android now!

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