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Gurgaon, India
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News Lens

A brand new way of browsing content in an app, packed with the power of machine learning, AI & Natural Language Processing.

Reinventing the way you search in an App

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Just like Google Lens, News Lens is highly beneficial for the users in searching for relevant information. You saw a piece of content and want to know more about it? News Lens will do it for you by bringing up the related news updates that one is reading.

Imagine and put the AI to work.

Utilizing the machine learning, AI & NLP techniques, Sortd allows the user to search what they see. Instead of investing time in searching manually with a variety of keyword combinations, users can get all the information related to the news within the app in no time!

Simply capture a news update and the News Lens feature will show you all the related entities for more updates. The News Lens feature is exceptionally handy, straightforward to use and connects the readers all the required information related to a news.

Unlimited Possibilities
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