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Gurgaon, India
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Is your mobile web engagement and revenue declining ?

If Yes, Progressive Web Apps & AMP is your ultimate solution

The next big thing in mobile browsing is here.

Take advantage of the latest technologies to combine the best of the web and mobile apps.

Why do You Need a Progressive Web App?

App Like Interface
Faster Sites
Works Offline Efficiently
Fast & Easy Installation on the Home Screen
Cross- Device Compatibility
Cross- Browser Compatibility
Push Notification
Safely & Securely Managed

Optimizing user experience with in-built Core Web Vitals

Focus on what matters the most for your site performance. With Core Web Vitals parameters, determine and improve the overall performance of your site. Users love a flawless and fast loading site. It's time for you to provide one in no time!

Sortd. meets WordPress

And together they create world-class mobile solution.
It is like magic. Experience it to believe!

Sortd. offers an easy integration with WordPress via plug-in. Sync up your categories & posts in one click!

Seamless Integration

You will find the themes in Sortd. just an extension of your WordPress theme. Take benefit of numerous beautifully crafted themes by our designers with 1-click import.

Theme it the WordPress way

You own the content, you own the site. Hence we put you in the pilot's seat. Manage themes, content, ads & all nitty-gritty of your mobile delivery yourself.

Fully controlled Dashboard

Sortd is built from ground up around one philosopy- Security & Privacy. Delivery on Sortd. is fully secured via new HTTP/2 protocol. Each API is robust & secured to keep your content safe.

Security at Center

Enhance your content delivery via advanced AI / ML based features like dynamic tagging, updates to Structured data , site meta etc.

AI / ML based Content Augmentation

A complete Sa-aS based solution with no hidden cost. With Sortd. transparency is at forefront.

Pay as you go

Create Beautiful mobile solutions in no time!

Start building next-level mobile solution for your websites using Sortd. plug-in for WordPress today.

Myriad of ad options to choose from

Carousel Cards
Carousel Cards
Include multiple images and videos in a single ad for better conversion rates.
Interstitial Ads
Interstitial Ads
With these full-screen and interactive ads, boost your chances to gain user’s attention in a playable way.
In Article
In Article
Showcase great looking ads with high quality ad elements without disturbing the reading experience of the users.
Follow Me
Follow Me
Let your audience follow you for the creative innovations, single unit multi-messaging, multiple formats and more.
With these full-screen and interactive ads, boost your chances to gain user’s attention in a playable way.
Vertical Video
Vertical Video
Provide a bigger, better and balanced ad viewing experience with the vertical orientation for more engagement.
Sticky Ads
Sticky Ads
Increase your ad viewability and pump up your CTR as users scroll through the sticky ads and view it at a glance.
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Unlimited Possibilities
Get the native presence of your brand on iOS & Android now!

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