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Unify Toolbar

Only creating unique content is not sufficient. Seamless content discovery and user engagement is also essential for your site’s growth.

Perfect for Seamless content discovery & recirculation

Unify Toolbar is your ultimate trump card.

One toolbar that drives direct, social, search and intent based traffic to your site.

Unify Toolbar takes complete care of recirculation for your site by leveraging the power of Machine Learning and AI by Showcasing relevant and engaging content to the readers for longer sessions.

Engage. Monetize.

How can you engage and earn with the Unify Toolbar?

Combine seamlessly fitting layouts, customize everything you want, switch components on the go using our page builder.

Trending Content

Increase the discovery of trending content, leverage real time analytics and Big Data for content recirculation with the help of AI/ ML.

Voice search

Leverage Google’s neutral algorithm to discover deep linked content with voice on your search engine result pages.

Video Integration

Videos give maximum time-spent per session. Increase your reader engagement by streaming your live TV, shows or youtube content.

Web Stories

Web stories just like Instagram stories show cool vertical video format content. Get your users hooked with web stories more than normal articles.

App Promotion

Leverage the space to improve your app economy. Give easy one-click access to download the Android and iOS apps and gain more users.

Citizen Journalism

Offer a chance to your audience for active participation in reporting, analyzing and presenting local news and updates


Easily convert your short news readers into your epaper audience without the hassle of redirections.


Keep your users informed with the latest activities and crucial numbers related to Covid-19 updates.
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